UKiset Prep Programme


For students aged between 9.5 and 18 years old, and

» They want to apply to a British independent school, or

» They want to enter a language school or International study centre in the UK,

» For their own knowledge, they want to know how they compare to British students of the same age,

» They want to set an objective to see how they progress over the year before entering an educational institution that communicates in English.


Test Format

Section 1: Reasoning test (Maths, verbal and nonverbal reasoning questions)

45 minutes

Section 2: English test

30 minutes

Section 3: Handwritten essay

30 minutes


Important Information

» UKiset takes approximately 2 hours to complete

» In general results are processed within 3 business days of the test taking place

» UKiset can be taken all over the world at authorised test centres, or in the UK at our head office, and at some selected schools. The UKiset team will help arrange the test date

» Schools request UKiset because it provides credible information on an applicant’s academic potential and suitability for their learning environment. Some schools conduct further testing or will interview the candidate after seeing their UKiset



» UKiset costs £295. This is a one-off fee that includes:


Test arrangement

All invigilation fees

» Schools can be chosen before or after the test

» Results are valid for one year

» The test can be re-taken after 6 months