What’s the difference?

The English IGCSE qualification is an English GCSE that’s examined and examinable anywhere in the world.  “Ordinary” English GCSE, on the other hand, is rarely examined outside the UK. IGCSE English is a truly international qualification, recognised all round the world.


More importantly…

The English IGCSE is just as acceptable and as highly valued as any English GCSE qualification.  It is recognised by the government, by employers, by sixth-form colleges, by teacher training establishments, indeed everywhere, both in the UK and abroad.


The aims and objectives of GCSE and IGCSE are similar and the marking is equally rigorous. A grade C in IGCSE English has exactly the same value as a grade C in English.


The Programme

Two Lessons Per Week

Each Lesson an hour and a half long.


What would you be able to achieve after attending a course here?

…the ability to score high marks in IGCSE English using accurate spelling, diction, grammar, syntax, and strong essay-writing skills.

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